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Madeline Group Buy

Madeline Group Buy

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The Madeline is a premium QAZ-like, alice-style, gasket mounted keyboard with encoder support and a brass weight. Images are renders and do not represent the final product.

Fulfillment timeline: June 2024


  • Gasket mount uses easily replaceable rubber grommets to suspend the plate and PCB inside the case and distribute weight evenly
  • The PCB is RP2040-based and connects via JST to a daughterboard
  • Encoder and switch footprints are supported on both 'b's (firmware only recognizes one encoder)

Kits include:

  • Cerakoted Aluminum Case (Top and Bottom)
  • Raw Bead-Blasted Brass Weight
  • RP2040-Powered PCB
  • Unified Daughterboard + JST Cable
  • 1.6mm Aluminum Switch Plate or 4.7mm Polypropylene Switch Plate or both
  • (Optional) Cerakoted Low Profile Knob + Encoder
  • (Optional) Plate and/or Case Foam
  • (Optional) Extra PCB
  • Rubber Grommets and Screws

The Madeline is a reworked design based on the open-sourced Adalyn (

For updates on this GB please join the 40's Discord server ( and join the Madeline role for access to the channel where discussion and updates will be posted.

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